2019/2020 Season on the way



 After a well-deserved summer break our league and teams are coming back recharged and ready for fun, silliness and friendly competition. This year we have new faces, new listings on Brighton & Hove Council website, and a brand new rewards program called “Pin Awards” which will be introduced by IGBO to all member leagues around the world. We will post the details of this program very shortly.

 2018/2019 Bowling Season overall results did not change the winning team from the    previous season. Here are the top three teams after the final calculations:

  1. I Can’t Believe It’s Not Gutter
  2. Purple Pigeons
  3. Morris People


Congratulations to our teams and players.

Our new league season will start next week, bringing colourful balls, shoes, and people together. We hope to see you there too. Enjoy the new season!






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