As volunteers, we have been involved with regular and social bowling events since 2008 for all sorts of players (regulars, one-timers, occasionals) with different ages, backgrounds and abilities. As Brighton & Hove is known for its vibrant LGBT community and organisations, we have realised over the years that there is also an interest for a LGBT TenPin Bowling League which will be responsive, responsible, welcoming and helpful for people who want to engage in this fun game. We are the first and only LGBT Bowling Group and League in the UK officially affiliated with IGBO (International Gay Bowling Organisation). We have started our first official League on June 6th 2017, and we are planning several Tournaments, Leagues and Practice Sessions all through the coming years.

We are in contact with British TenPin Bowling Association, International Gay Games organisers and several other LGBT Bowling Leagues all around the globe. So do not be shy or hesitate to contact us, drop us an email, follow our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. If you like Ten-Pin Bowling you will have fun with us.

May you have many strikes every time you play.


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