How we play

The term league might sound too competitive or challenging, but it really is not.

At the moment the league is every other week, starting from June 6th 2017. Every session has 3 games per team and we play doubles. In order to build an average you need to play at least one session which will become your raw average score. Each team is responsible for their own record of scores for each game. These scores will be collected and shared with IGBO regularly. By doing this you will not only have the chance of having a good idea of your playing strength in general, but also you will be easily placed in the correct League section when and if you want to participate in International Gay Games in the future. Please check our IGG page for more information.

Some people do not use their real names, and instead assume Bowling personas like “Bowling Queen” or “Glitter Balls“. This makes the game even more fun. You are, of course, free to use your real name.  We expect you to have a team name, and you can be as creative as you like (as long as you do not come up with something  derogatory, racist or illegal). The data we collect (your names and your scores) is shared with IGBO along with our league dates and the number of participants.  You agree to this if you play with us.

We value the joy of Bowling more than we value winning. You will be expected to share the same sentiment and etiquette.

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