How we play

The term league might sound competitive or challenging, but it really is not.

At the moment our second season is under way. On league nights we play 3 games in teams of two. The scores are collected and tracked so that every member has a good idea of their playing strength and improvement. These scores may also be used for placements if and when our members wish to participate in IGBO Leagues/Tournaments and/or International Gay Games in the future.

Many of us do not use their real names, and instead assume Bowling personas like “Bowling Queen” or “Glitter Balls” to make the game even more fun (you are, of course, free to use your real name).  You and your bowling buddy need to have a team name, and you can be as creative as you like (of course, nothing derogatory, racist or illegal).

We value the joy of Bowling more than we value winning. You will be expected to share the same sentiment and etiquette.