A few simple guidelines to help make your Bowling experience more pleasurable.

* Be ready to bowl when the pins are set, but wait until the pinsetter has completed its cycle and the sweep bar is raised to make your delivery. Throwing a ball before the machine is ready may damage the ball or equipment.

* Observe one lane courtesy. The bowler on the right should bowl if both reach the approach at the same time. Stay off the approach while you wait.

*Taking too long to aim or get set up when you are on the approach delays the game.

* Try to remain in your approach area while delivering the ball.

* Step off the approach once you have delivered the ball.

* Good bowling requires concentration. Have fun, but keep in mind excessive movement or noise could be distracting when others are up to bowl.

* “Lofting” (throwing the ball upwards and having it land hard on the lane surface)  damages the lanes, and you will be asked not to.

* Get permission to use another player’s ball. Do not get upset if you get “No” as an answer. After all, it is a personal item.

* Refrain from using abusive language or obscene gestures.

* Be a gracious winner or runner-up. Good sportsmanship is always the key to a successful game