You really do not need much to come and play with us.

  • You do not need to be a great bowler to play. If you are, that’s great! Come and dazzle us with your skills.
  • Never bowled before? No problem. We offer fundamental coaching for newbies for free. (More coaching on the way)
  • Your age, body type or fitness level is not an issue. We’ve had bowlers before who were physically challenged! (And they scored 140+)
  • You do not need to own your own ball, or bowling shoes, or fancy bowling shirts. (Oh, and you can also leave your high heels at home)
  • This might come as a shock, but you do not have to be gay to play. (We appreciate if you are not homophobic though)

What you need is:

  • Sense of humour. Nobody will judge you if you score 0. (You’re expected to giggle at it. After all, it is not the end of the world)
  • Kindness and respect for all fellow bowlers.
  • A “smidgenette” of hand-eye coordination. (You will have to aim on your lane, not adjacent lanes or people 😊)
  • Patience. It will take time for you to develop better bowling skills if you are a novice or have not bowled for a long time.
  • Sense of commitment.

You are free to bring your mascot, lucky charm, wear make-up, wigs or hats, eat sweets to boost your energy, drink strong coffee for a good buzz or have a drink for smooth social lubrication when you bowl.

Smile, play, and have fun.