Out & Active


There is enough scientific evidence that suggest those who participate in fun, supportive and energetic group activities are healthier, happier and more youthful. We believe Tenpin Bowling is a great social activity which has a positive effect on health and well-being. Through laughter, silliness and companionship, knocking down pins provides additional pay-offs in terms of well-being, and mental and physical health.

Out and Active has started as a joint project we ran with Out For Sport. Our aim is to encourage and empower people, LGBT+ or otherwise, in Brighton and Hove to be healthier, more active, and feel less lonely.

Funded by Brighton Pride Social Impact Fund, Diverse City Bowlers organised two bowling events in March and in May 2018 which were free for everyone 50 and over. You can read more about it here.

Out & Active will continue and become a bigger umbrella project. We will share the news on our website and social media pages.

                                                                      Stay tuned!